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Your female cat or dog should be spayed as soon as they are old enough. Spaying helps control the animal population and keeps your furry girl healthy

Low Cost Spays, Neuters, Vaccinations, Teeth Cleaning, & More Since 1982

Teeth cleaning

Keep your furry friend's teeth bright, white, and healthy by getting regular teeth cleaning treatments at our office. Your pet will thank you with lots of dog or kitty kisses!


Keep your boy dog or cat safe and healthy by utilizing our neutering services. Our team is experienced and has performed numerous surgeries of this kind.

Microchipping provides permanent identification for your pet if he or she becomes lost. Inserting the chip is as easy as getting a shot and can be done while you wait.

Other Services


Animal Spay-Neuter Clinic provides your pet with all the necessary vaccination that they need to stay thriving.

We offer minor surgical orocedures, treatment of minor medical problems, help with Behavior Problems, Flea Products.

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Animal Spay-Neuter Clinic has been providing low cost animal care since 1982.

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