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Healthy teeth

Keep your pet's smile pearly white with our professional dental cleaning. Prevent cavities and gum disease by making sure your pet has regular teeth cleanings with our vet

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Annual cleanings

Typically, one cleaning a year for your cat or dog is sufficient unless he or she has other oral issues that need addressing. Sticking to this schedule is beneficial for your animal.


Sometimes dental care for dog and cats can be painful depending on the methods used. We don't use those methods. Your animal will experience gentle teeth cleaning.

At Animal Spay-Neuter Clinic, we make dental visits for your pet easy and affordable. We want you to be able to give the very best for your dog or cat when it comes to health care.

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Preventative care

Proper teeth cleaning and dental care prevents other diseases and problems from creeping up on your pet. Take a step in the right direction and schedule an appointment now.

From vaccinations to spaying and neutering services, our team is dedicated to helping you keep your pet healthy. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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Animal Spay-Neuter Clinic vows to ensure the health of your cat or dog.

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